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Administrative and creative articles for every business or speaker. Learn what works and what doesn't for capturing clients and building lasting relationships online and in-person. 

You Are Your Brand

When people are looking to buy a product that you sell, they are buying you. In order to be successful, you need to be authentic.

Increase Productivity:Take a break

Remember all that talk you’ve heard about optimal work times,and the need to take breaks every once in a while to keep your productivity up?

Work From Home Lifestyle

Are you someone who is now having to work virtually due to the current health crisis? Read our blog for tips to make your transition a suc

3 Tips for Handling Public Speaking Goofs

Have you ever had a mistake during a speech and didn't know what to do? This post explains how to overcome them and have a successful

What It Takes to Give a Great Presentation

Some people who claim to be good at something but aren't, generally don't improve. However , the ones that do usually end up being

Easy Methods for Setting Business Goals

January is usually when people set goals for themselves, but you should also set goals for your business as well. Here are some tips on

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