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If you work at a business, (or run your own) you probably have administrative professionals who help your company (or yourself) run smoothly.

Let's take a look at the history of Administrative Professionals Day, how the role of administrative professionals has evolved, and why showing administrative professionals appreciation is vital

for organizations of all types.

The International Association of Administrative Professionals promotes National Administrative Professionals Day. The observance first launched in 1952 when U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Charles Sawyer proclaimed June as National Secretaries Week. In that same year, June 4th was designated National Secretaries Day. The name changed to Administrative Professionals in 2000 when the day was also added and the events moved to April.

What Is the Typical Work of Administrative Professionals?

The work of administrative professionals is as varied as the employers they work for. In addition to titles such as secretary or administrative assistant, these professionals may have titles like office coordinator, executive assistant, office manager, or administrative specialist. Virtual Assistants, a special class of professionals who are admins who work remotely, are also included in this category.

Administrative professionals as defined by the IAAP, are typically responsible for administrative tasks and information coordination to support an office environment. They are crucial to an office or business running efficiently. While organization is key to their success, their flexibility and ability to handle the unexpected make them valuable to any business.

Some of the typical duties of administrative professionals may include:

  • Calendar management

  • Communications management

  • Project management

  • Report coordination

  • Equipment management

  • Expense report processing

  • Inventory management

  • Billing processing

  • Travel planning

Amid all the various tasks an admin professional may tackle in their role, one thing is consistent: no two shifts are ever the same. Working as an admin professional gives other employees the ability to connect with various departments, often have close contact with top executives, and learn the inner workings of a company. It's an exciting and stimulating position to be celebrated

How to Show Admin Appreciation

Much of the work of administrative professionals occurs behind the scenes to many employees. However, this work is essential in order to keep operations optimal. Without the work of admin professionals, projects may never get started, budgets may be disorganized, and work with executives can be stalled. The achievements of admin professionals touch the entire organization, whether employees realize it or not.

These important accomplishments are ideal to recognize on Administrative Professionals Day and throughout Administrative Professionals Week. Also, throughout the year, executives and employees can show admin appreciation in the following ways:

  • Recognize admins at team meetings

  • Send out a thank you email pointing out the specific contribution of an administrative professional

  • Celebrate an administrative professional's work anniversary

  • Spotlight an admin professional in a company newsletter or website

Make admin professional recognition more meaningful by using the person's name in recognition, acknowledging the direct impact of their work, and showing genuine thanks for all they do. Pairing recognition with a thoughtful gift they'll love displaying or using makes admin appreciation extra-special.

Whether you are in business for yourself or work for one, take time to thank all the administrative professionals who help the business to run effectively.

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