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10 Types of Articles People Love to Share

Running a blog profitably can be a challenge if you do not know the kind of articles that your readers find interesting. The secret to keeping the traffic flowing to your website is in knowing the types of articles that people love to read and share.

Below are the 10 types of articles people love to share:

Celebrity grapevine

People love to share articles about celebrities. For instance, an article about Kanye West buying an expensive car will be circulated more than an article about the same car being bought by an ordinary person who is barely known.

News update about tragic events

People love to share updates on tragic events such as terrorist attacks at a shopping mall or airport and the casualties involved. (Another example is the upcoming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks)

Inspirational stories

Readers tend to share stories that they find inspiring. This is because they hope their friends can find the same level of inspiration they got from the same article.

Articles about world leaders

An article about a renowned world leader will be shared more especially if the article illustrates how the leader overcame tough life situations to get to where he/she is today.

A call for help articles

An article about a person who is in need of help will be shared among many people. Such articles provide information about someone seeking help ( e.g. kidney donation)

or a fundraiser for a local group.

Updates from a comedian

Comedians are known to present information on a lighter note, with the goal of making people laugh at their jokes. Generally, people are known to share articles that are fun and bring laughter.

Unique facts

People will share articles about unique facts. These usually focus on important dates in history. For example, an article about countries that have hosted the Olympic games will be shared widely, even more so now that the most recent ones have just finished.

Scientific findings

Articles on scientific findings normally provide information that is fascinating. For instance, a scientific finding on how to reduce body fat and cut weight will be shared more.

Information about a new product in the market

People will share an article about a new product launched in the market especially if the product is targeting a specific market segment.

Professional analysis about a policy

An article that professionally analyzes certain policy positions around the world will be shared widely such as the impact of currency devaluation on China’s economy. Policy officers and Economics students will most likely share among themselves

These are just a few examples of the types of articles that can be shared with your audience. The key is to always make sure that it brings value.

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