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5 Reasons to Inject Fun into Your Public Speaking

Preparing to give a memorable public speech? Whether it’s your first time speaking or whether you’re a frequent speaker, it can be daunting trying to figure out the best way to get your message across.

While different types of public speaking events require slightly different techniques, one

thing that always goes down well is humor. Making your presentations fun provides a lot of benefits. Here, you’ll discover 5 reasons to inject fun into your public speaking.

1. It significantly boosts engagement

While public speaking events

used to be renowned for being dull and monotonous, the methods have changed significantly over time.

These days, the audience expects a lot more from the presentations they attend. Adding humor helps to really boost engagement, keeping your audience actively engaged in what you’re saying.

Engagement is key to a successful speech. So, while you don’t want to go overboard on the humor, adding a little fun is sure to go down well with your audience.

2. Making your presentation memorable

If your public speech is fun for the audience, it’s going to make it much more memorable. People will be talking about the presentation long after it’s finished! You may even find your speech is shared via social media if it is successful

This would greatly increase your exposure, helping you to gather a much larger following.

The truth is, the majority of what you say during the presentation will be forgotten before your audience has even left the building. So, you need to try and grab their attention as much as possible during key parts of the speech. Humor will help you to ensure your audience remembers the most important pieces of information.

3. It makes you more relatable

When you inject fun into your presentation, it makes you more relatable. If your audience can relate to you, they’re going to be much more interested in what you’re saying.

Think of stand-up comedians. The most successful are those who treat their audience to relatable funny stories. People find the jokes funnier when they can relate. So, try to think of ways to add relatable humor into your speech and you’ll be sure to see high levels of engagement!

As an additional benefit, a fun-packed presentation also enables you to present ideas in a totally different way. Looking at the quirky side of ideas and topics you’re covering can provide funny relatable new perspectives for your audience.

4. Helping to relieve tension

It’s daunting to give a public speech, no matter how much experience you have with it. The audience can also enter the presentation feeling a little wary. So, starting the presentation in a fun way, it’s going to instantly relieve any tension.

You’ll struggle to deliver a good speech if you’re feeling super-tense. After hearing your audience’s laughter from your fun opening, you’ll feel much more relaxed and better able to give a memorable, impactful presentation.

5. It acts as a great recruiting tool

If you’re looking to get your audience to sign up for something, a fun speech is going to help! People love to laugh. So, if you manage to make them laugh, they’re going to want to sign up for whatever it is you’re pushing.

If you’re trying to bring the audience around to your particular argument, making the other argument appear ridiculous through humor is going to help.

There are so many reasons to inject humor into your public speaking. Most notably, it’s going to keep your audience engaged. However, there’s a lot to think about when trying to add fun to your presentation.

First and foremost, you’re going to need to make sure you really plan ahead in order to have a successful speech. Once you have done this, you are sure to knock your audience off their feet( For tips on how to have a successful presentation, click here )


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