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5 Tips for Writing Great Content

Updated: May 28, 2021

Whether you are a blogger or a freelance writer, there is a need to create high-quality content in order for it be to read. Poorly written content is one of the areas where many bloggers go wrong and are probably why they can’t seem to get any visitors to their blogs.

In addition to making sure that you continuously create new posts, they not only need to be enticing but sensible enough so readers can understand the point you are making. The following tips will help you come up with outstanding content for your readers:-

1. Research.

If you want to write content that makes sense, you need to first familiarize yourself with the topic by conducting thorough research. This should be done even when you aren’t writing an article as it helps come up with new ideas.

2. Come up with the topic.

The first thing that attracts readers is the topic. If your headline is not attractive, you may not get any readers to your post at all. When deciding on a topic that suits your post, make sure that it interests you first. Don’t just come up with a topic on anything that is not related just for the sake of having a post

3. Create an outline for the article.

Once you spot an idea, it is now time to sit down and come up with a formula on how you are going to write it. Again, don’t wait until it’s time for the actual writing as you may forget some ideas. In order to do this, you’ll need to point out the main ideas on that topic followed by the sources where you got the ideas from and always credit them. You can do this by either using footnotes or a reference list. Start with the introduction followed by the body and finally the conclusion. Doing this will help to ensure that you don't stray off the actual topic

4. Get your facts right.

There is nothing as bad as an article that is based on the wrong facts. . Writers need to research their articles well to avoid misleading their readers. Yes, people make mistakes but some just show that the writer did not put much effort into producing the article. Before including any facts in the article, confirm that it’s the truth ( and as stated above include a list of where the sources came from).

5. Revise your work.

To err is human but this shouldn’t be your excuse for posting an article with grammar and spelling errors. Such articles are a turn-off and just leave one confused as to what the reader is trying to say. There are so many tools online that writers can use to proofread their work (Grammarly is a great one and it works both in Office as well as your browser).

So there you have it, some simple yet effective tips for writing great content.


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