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How to Prepare Your Social Media Marketing Strategy for Christmas

Marketing Strategy for Christmas

Small businesses may lack the marketing budget of big brands, but by sprinkling a little social media magic, you can generate maximum returns and improve your bottom line.

Christmas season is in the air – everywhere you look there are bright lights, baubles, and brands looking to make the most of the busiest shopping period of the year. That’s right, the holidays are upon us and it’s time to get started on that magical, money making marketing strategy. In order to be successful, you need to stand out from the crowd. The following tips can help you to do just that. (This post is adapted from an article by Hot in Social Media, click here to read it )

1) I want creative content for this Christmas

How do you connect with different audiences that are flooded with advertisements? You make them your focus. People like to see creative content that places them at the center of your marketing campaign. Think about who buys your products and create audience personas as well as using imagery that stands out.

2) Deck the social media halls

Think of your social media platform as a blank canvas which you can personalize for Christmas. Make your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles look fun and festive by adding interactive, holiday themed imagery, maybe even a GIF. Utilize various forms of content, such as videos, Facebook lives and Twitter polls. This will help to put your audience in a buying mood.

3) Spread festive cheer

Social media marketing is not restricted to your page. Think of the bigger picture. Do you want to reach new customer or ones that are already searching for your products? This can be achieved through a carefully planned advertising campaign using all the options available to you.

4) Schedule of magical messages

If you are thinking Christmas would be a good time to give social media a rest, then think again. Business doesn’t rest for anyone, especially on Christmas Day. Your audiences will be logging on to their social media accounts to share pictures of their presence with loved ones. This is the perfect time to share a ‘Merry Christmas’ message with your followers. You can even schedule them to post automatically using tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite or even the native schedulers in each platform

Don’t forget to make the most of the post-Christmas sales by offering your clients discounts on your most popular products as well as New Year sales and people who want to redeem gift cards.

5. A very merry Christmas offer

Christmas is one of the biggest buying season of the year with over 20% of a retailer's annual revenue achieved in one month. Lure your customers with incentives such as buy one get one free, or 50% off for a limited time only. You want to be sure to note deadlines when packages should be shipped to make it to their destinations before Christmas.

Using these tips can help you to have a successful holiday season.

Emily Cocker, is a Digital Executive in the UK leading social media agency, Bigfoot Digital, who specialize in creating engaging social media content that drives online sales and website traffic. She has a passion for creative content and all things digital.

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