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Success: Determining Your Unique Definition

Updated: May 10, 2023

In the same way you, as an individual, are unlike any other, your business is equally unique. Why you chose to go into business and how you define its success may look nothing like someone else’s choice.

What motivates you to get up and work each day could be vastly different than your competition. That’s because everyone defines success differently and determining your unique definition can help you better measure your success.

Financial Gain Isn’t the Only Measurement for Success

It would seem the primary driving force for being in business is economics, but is that always the case? There are many reasons why entrepreneurs choose to go into business for themselves. Money aside, many business owners are looking to...

* Have command over their schedule

* Provide a creative outlet

* Attain a personal sense of happiness

* Make a difference or create change

* Set and reach specific goals

In these instances, money may play a role in success, but it isn’t necessarily the defining indicator.

What’s Your Definition of Success?

Determining your unique definition of success can help you stay focused and avoid feeling conflicted when traditional markers fall short. Your business may require more hours than a full-time job, but if it’s providing you with a creative outlet that you love, it doesn’t matter. If your business requires you to work harder for less money, but it brings you incredible joy, you’re a success! If your business lost money last year, but you were able to make it to every soccer game on your child’s schedule, you hit the jackpot.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

Q1 What do your business goals revolve around? Examples could include time, family, money. These should be separate from personal ones

Q2 How important is personal satisfaction? Do you mind doing work you don’t love if it pays well or prefer less income but higher work satisfaction?

Q3 What do you want your business to be known for?

Q4 At the end of one year, what would success look like to you? Set some metrics to determine what they are for you.

Q5 Do you love setting and reaching personal goals?

You get to determine what your success looks like regardless of another perspective. Once you know what matters most to you, it’s easy to set goals, measure them, and emphasize what steps you need to take to be your brand of success.


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