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Defining the Why Behind Your Business Before You Get Started

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

If you’ve decided to go into business for yourself, it’s important to ask yourself why?

The answer may be obvious or when you take time to think about it, you may find you’re not as sure as you could be.

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Defining the why behind your business before you get started can help you set goals and measure the outcomes, which can help you determine your unique idea of business success.

What Benefits Are You After?

Determining why you want to go into business has a lot to do with what the benefits are. There are a variety of benefits to being a business owner, some include-

* Flexible hours

* Income potential

* Being your own boss

* Impact on community

* Access to family time

Thinking about what benefits appeal to you most can help narrow down some of the whys behind your decision. Later on, you can choose goals and tasks that reflect your reasons and avoid ones that prevent them. An example could be choosing a business that has limited hours to create more access to family time.

What Do You NEED From Your Business?

In the same way benefits determine your goals and tasks, what you need from your business influences your why. If your business isAre to pay off ancillary debt, your choices should reflect that need.

How Do You Want to Feel as a Business Owner?

Understanding your overall identity as a business owner helps determine why you’re in business. If your goal is to impact your community, educate, or champion a cause, your goals and tasks should lean in this direction. If your goal is to have a hands-off business that is automated and runs while you sleep, you’ll need to design a business that accomplishes that goal. Being the face and brand of a business, or anonymous, requires two entirely different tracks for success.

What’s Your Story?

Every business has an origin story. How did you get here? Why are you motivated to start your business? Understanding and developing your story can help you set goals and tasks that are inspired by your story and your why for starting. This is part of your mission statement (click here to find out more about what these are and how to create one)

Before you begin your business, ask yourself why you’re jumping in. Get comfortable and aware of what’s motivating you so you can use that motivation to set goals and determine your unique idea of success as you go.


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