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Creative Planning For Your Blog Posts

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A Blog post should be informative, useful and enjoyable for the reader.

Blogging is a way of helping you to sell your solution and you should always have an underlying objective in mind.

What kind of format should you use for a blog post? While some people tend to think that an informative article should be in the range of about 500 words on average, you don't have to stick to this as a hard and fast rule. Many experts advocate a blog content piece in the range of about 400 words, but it's also a good idea to format the post in such a way as to make it an easier read for your visitors.

Remember that people tend to scan any content online today and if they see a big chunk of text without any graphics, pictures or subheadings they may not actually read it all and be tempted to go elsewhere. If it is possible for you to allocate subheadings then do so, and proportion your post into readable chunks as well.

You should also create some posts that are based on lists, i.e. the top 10 of this or five things you should know about that. People love lists and they are likely to absorb the material therein.

Another great way to structure a blog post could be a "how-to" tutorial; statistics show that this kind of post tends to get a lot more readership and is likely to be shared much more creatively by your visitors. People often wonder whether they have a sufficient amount of material to create these "how-to" posts. Remember that this type of post can be created around any subject whatsoever and you're almost certain to have enough material, being an expert in your niche, to be able to provide ample content.

A Virtual Assistant, who specializes in blogging, knows how to creatively construct blog posts and also how to focus on the raw material that you need to talk about as you build your level of overall expertise in the online community. Engage your virtual assistant to come up with a broad selection of topics and themes for upcoming posts. The right VA also knows how to create content that has a truly profound 'hook.'

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