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Using Opinions and Comments to Increase Blog Traffic

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Are you opinionated? While that word has some negative connotations within society in general, if you're serious about building an online presence you had better be. However, you not only need to make sure that you have an opinion, but it should be thought-provoking and sometimes controversial. There's no point in simply going through the motions whenever you create your blog posts. You've got to have a mission and you must understand that you've got to be engaging.

People must want to listen to you, even though they may not agree with you all the time. It's this element of controversy and the way that you go about expressing your opinion that is likely to set your initiative apart from the rest.

Opinions count. We all have them and we live in such a great society where you don't have to conform and people don't have to agree with each other. It's an exciting proposition and for some people, the very reason why they set out to become an Internet entrepreneur. They feel as if they have expertise in a particular area, can help other people with problems and can make a significant contribution in one way or another.

Now, even though it's very important to have an opinion and to be somewhat colorful as you create your online persona, you must not do this in isolation. You mustn't be one of those people who is only really interested in their own opinion, to the exclusion of others. The power of your blog as it grows is going to be in the level of interaction that you have with other people. In short, the comments left below the post are even more important than the blog post itself.

When blog posts are written they have to inspire others to leave a comment or to express their opposition. It's not good enough to simply assume that this will happen and you must always remember that a well-structured blog post will often ask for input. You might summarize your position at the end of the post and then draw attention to another viewpoint, subsequently going on to solicit comments from others who may have an entirely different perspective.

Remember that you should always add value for the reader as you write your blog post, so that people are inclined to interact. One approach to ensure your posts are found by others is to put together a series of interrelated blog posts. Your Virtual Assistant can help you on the approach to their construction. A series of posts can create ongoing engagement and will be even more likely to ensure that people come back to read more.

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