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Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using – #5 Time-Blocking

This is the last part of our series on Time Management Techniques where we talk about blocking your time (You can read the earlier posts on Punctuality, Goals, Lists and “Tickler files” here).

The final technique to help manage time is to block it out (sometimes called Time-blocking). This is a technique where you schedule tasks to be done at certain times during the course of your day. If you lay your calendar in front of you and block out as much time as possible for all the activities you need to accomplish over the course of the month you will perform better and complete your money-making activities. Leaving just a small block of unassigned time in your calendar will prevent others from shifting your focus away from the task and stealing your time. “Do you want to choose what you do with your time? Or will you let others choose for you?”

It is important that we schedule certain days and times to accomplish tasks which we do regularly. You can schedule one or two days a week to do phone work, both making and returning calls, schedule time to look at and respond to emails and post on social media. For example, if you are a coach, you may want to schedule certain days and times for nothing but strategy sessions. You may want to add these to your calendar to help keep track.

Don’t forget to block out time to work “on” your business instead of in it. Schedule days for marketing and bookkeeping to help you achieve success. If scheduling monthly is too daunting, planning weekly may be better. Whatever method you choose, make sure to do it consistently.

Above all, do NOT neglect yourself. Schedule a “free” day to spend time with your family or just do something for yourself; it could be a manicure, going to the zoo, or just doing nothing. Y0u want to schedule this time in your calendar as well ( and be sure to set your availability as “busy” or “out of office”)

Be aware that when you start blocking your time, you may discover that you are spending more time on tasks that if you outsourced them, and will free you up to do those tasks that you love that bring in income and growth.

These 5 techniques if practiced consistently will lead the way to accomplishing your goals and creating success.

Are you interested in outsourcing? Schedule a free Consultation.

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