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5 Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using – #4 “Tickler” Files

Tickler File

In part 4 of our 5 part series about Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using, we’ll be reviewing the use of “tickler” files. In the first 3 posts, we talked about ( Punctuality), ( Goals) and, ( Lists).

In this post, we will discuss “Tickler files” which are a special type of list that can help you with managing time. Before we talk about using them, it is best to define what they are. A Tickler file is a collection of labeled and dated folders organized so that time- sensitive materials can be filed by the correct date so as to ensure that the deadline for each is met. It is also called the “43 folders” system since that is the number of folders used ( 31 days in a month and 12 months in a year). The idea is that when you complete that task the folder goes back into the rotation until next year. So why the name “tickler file”? It is supposed to “tickle” your memory and help you better manage time. It can also be done electronically as well.

Tickler files can work in a similar way to your “people to call” list, the only difference being that the entire file of either the person or business can be included. However, if you need to be keeping track of follow-up calls, it is recommended that you look into using a CRM as they can be better suited for this purpose.

Tickler files are a useful tool in helping you to manage time. Our final post in the 5 Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using series, will be Technique #5 on time blocking.

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