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5 Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using

(This is the first in a series of posts covering the 5 Time Management Techniques that are really worth using)

With regard to time management there’s no revolutionary strategy that’s truly new and probably nothing you don’t already know. If there were a time management system that worked perfectly for every person, there would only be one system. Successful people who get an exceptional amount of important things accomplished concentrate on establishing a system that works for them. Most importantly they take consistent action. There are at least 5 techniques worth doing no matter what “system” you choose.

Here is one technique that we don’t usually relate to Time Management.

Practice Punctuality

Being on time helps contribute to your business success in two ways. First of all, being punctual sets an example and gives you the right to expect that others treat your time with respect. You cannot hope to have others treat your time with respect if you show little or no respect for theirs. If you are not on time for appointments, meetings, phone calls etc. you lose your leverage, authority and integrity. If you are punctual, you gain an advantage over your staff, associates, vendors, clients, everybody.

With all the “busyness” of our lives these days, lateness is almost the norm. If you are the one waiting for the late person and are meeting them somewhere other than your office, you may to want to bring along something to read or some work to do while you wait.

When you are meeting with someone, please remember to turn off your phone to prevent other distractions, so you can concentrate on the person and the reason of your meeting. This alone will help control your time.

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