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Thanksgiving Email Strategies to Dazzle this Holiday

Thanksgiving. When we think about this amazing holiday, we think of festivity, family feasting, charity, and football. It’s an occasion to show gratitude to everyone who’s been you throughout the year and beyond This is the ideal Thanksgiving tradition! But over the years, and with the advent of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it has also transformed into one of the most prospective occasion for marketers and businesses – that includes shopping and consumerism for the holiday season.

According to research by National Retail Federation , the average shopper spends $320 on holiday purchases over the Thanksgiving weekend. The research also states that 40% of total holiday spending happens over the Thanksgiving weekend.

As email marketers, this is a great opportunity to show your gratitude to your customers and subscribers, while delighting them with Thanksgiving gifts in the form of exciting Offers and discounts through engaging emails. In a nutshell, you need to make your Thanksgiving emails exciting and exceptional to STAND OUT in the teeming inbox.

Strategies To Outshine Your Brand This Thanksgiving

Plan your strategies well

Firstly, analyze your goal for this Thanksgiving. Be clear what you want to achieve his holiday as a brand. Once you are clear, start working on it. The key areas you need to focus are:

  • Understand and decide what you are planning to offer to your customers?

  • How your Offer is going to be different from the rest of the brands?

  • Now that you have a clear picture of everything you can work on crafting a good email.

Awe-inspiring Design & Engaging Copy

Have you tried to make emails your gateway to the other platforms? Build a beautiful Thanksgiving email harnessing the email marketing best practices with the right mix of the holiday specific elements like turkey, pumpkin & autumn, falling leaves, etc. Also, write engaging email copy that sells and compels your audience to visit your website and do business with you. And finally, test, test and test.

Enticing subject line

A good subject line will always get you some extra attention. Therefore, to get success to your thanksgiving email campaign start with a catchy, innovative ‘boo-ey’ subject line. Your subject line should be able to hook recipients with your email and should compel them to open your email.


Scheduling plays an important part in any email campaign. Just sending emails won’t bring luck, sending them at the right time will do. Thanksgiving is a very busy time for your subscribers as well. Show them that you value their time by scheduling the email when they are most active. Study your customer data well – their time zone, their browsing pattern, purchase time, etc. to create a winning strategy for your email.

Hook your customers to your brand

Running a holiday-appropriate theme contest can also be a great way to increase engagement, and indirectly help boost sales. Advertise your contest on your social media channels and ask people to subscribe to your emails. This will not only increase your email list but will engage customers to your brand, helping you grow as a brand.

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Now That You Know Why It Is Important to Make Emails Sizzle, Here Are Ways To Do It:

· Proper formatting- The main text area should have the colors of your brand with the maximum amount of whitespace needed, while the CTA should be in a contrasting color that stands out and include a clickable link.

· Interactivity- Make it fun for your readers by gamifying it. Other methods of interactivity include animated GIFs and sliders.

· Images- These always increase engagement. You can use either a seasonal image or your products , depending upon your business.

· Contests- Make it even more interesting by including a “countdown” timer and asking people to enter using a branded hashtag. Make sure to disclose the rules somewhere in your email.

· Any additional information- It helps to have the hours of your store as well as location (if it applies) as well as any discounts.

Applying these strategies to your holiday emails can help in making this season a prosperous one for your business.

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