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5 Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using – #2-Goals

(In the first technique of our series on Time Management, we talked about the importance of Practicing Punctuality)

In Technique #2, we’ll be exploring how to Fight to Focus everything you do (or choose not to do) in your business, toward your goals.

Because of technology, we get tons of messages sent to us daily, many of them promising more success, more money, more of everything. Distractions and *“Shiny Object Syndrome” often get in the way of these goals.

We make a long-term plan, which should include short-term goals in order to see an end-result. But it’s so very easy to get distracted. In order to achieve success we need to be deliberate and strategic in our decisions. We need to stop spending time letting these distractions take us off our path. For instance, does that training course you’re thinking of taking support your goals? If not don’t take it.

  1. You need to learn to recognize the ‘Shiny Objects’ and decide if they fit your priorities.

  2. You need to learn to say “NO”to things that will not support your plan and help you achieve your goals.

  3. Create a habit of checking in on your plan and mark off the pieces completed and review ones you still need to tackle.

You will be amazed at the results when you keep your focus on the path toward your goals.

In the 3rd Technique of the “5 Time Management Techniques Really Worth Using” we will be talking about Making and Using Lists.

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