Using Google Hangouts For Your Business- Part II

In the first part of this series, I talked about the importance of Google Hangouts for Coaching, Service based and e-Commerce businesses. In Part II, I will expand upon how each business can use Hangouts to their advantage.

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There are seven ways Coaches can use Google Hangouts to expand their businesses.

  1. To provide Free Consultations– Coaches generally capture new clients by offering free consultations. Google hangouts allow for you to have face to face meetings where you get to know more about the potential client.
  2. Sessions– Actual coaching sessions can be done using hangouts and since you can share images and videos, it can make them more effective.
  3. Group Sessions– This is ideal for those who may be on a budget.  By offering discounted rates, you can coach a variety of people.  A couple of points to keep in mind, you must be respectful of others needs and you can only take 10 people in a hangout.
  4. Webinars and Education– Hosting a HOA (live Hangout on Air) and teaching on a topic specific to your niche is another way to promote your business.  It should always be live and a recording placed on YouTube for people to share (maybe those whose missed it)
  5. Announcements or Product Launches– If you have presented a topic at a convention or released an eBook, they allow you the opportunity to share that information to prospects.
  6. Q&A sessions– If you have a lagging client base, holding a monthly session with the opportunity to ask and answer questions .
  7. Meet With and Train Virtual Assistants– If you’re working with a new VA or touching base with your team Google Hangouts along with Google Drive is an ideal communication tool – even if you’re the one that needs the training. For example, your VA has set up a new program for you and they need to show you how to use it.

Service based and e-Commerce providers can also benefit from Hangouts as a marketing tool since they are different from coaches.

Here are 3 ways that Hangouts can be used by these businesses.

  1. Customer Service– This is the most important aspect of your business.   You can host a monthly Q&A session just as coaches do providing customers with an opportunity to ask any questions or discuss problems and be given feedback on the spot. Just as for coaches, they can be live or invite only.
  2. Product Demos– Hangouts can be used to demonstrate how a product works.  It works well for technology , but any business can use it.
  3. Tips/Education– You can hold Hangouts regularly on a specific topic as a way of gaining trust for your clients (example: VA’s or graphic designers, speaking about a piece of software). ASOS, a clothing retailer, hosts     Hangouts where different experts in the industry give tips on a specific topic (hair, fashion).  You can even provide a “Buy Now” link as a way to drive up sales.

As you can see, Google Hangouts are very important to businesses. In the next post, I will discuss how to actually set up and use them.

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