Top 5 Time Wasters When Working From Home

Time/Work photoHaving a home business has a myriad of advantages. Being your own boss, choosing hours that are right for you and not having to navigate the morning commuter traffic are a few that spring to mind. However, just because you are working from home does not mean that you do not have to put in as much effort as you would at a traditional nine to five job. Here are a few time wasters to look out for, and avoid, if you want to make your home business more successful.

1.     Because you are working from home some people will presume that you have a lot of free time on your hands during the day and try to take advantage of this. Learn to say no. Your time during the day should be dedicated to your “job”. Chores and errands that need to be run  should be handled, outside working hours.

2.     Get yourself into a working mindset by setting up an office that is away from home distractions such as television or seeing the piles of laundry, that need attending to. If business is slow on a particular day use this opportunity to seek out new ways to find more business, rather than dealing with items in your personal life.

3.     A to do list should be made last thing before you stop working for the evening.  If you plan then for the items you want to accomplish the next day,you won’t have to think about what you are going to do tomorrow,or what has to be accomplished first and you’ll get a good night’s rest. Make the list and concentrate your energies on getting most of the items on it crossed off and completed. However, writing a list and then spending the day trying to avoid it is not a good use of your valuable time.

4.     It is very easy to get distracted, intending to spend, “just five minutes” checking your email, or surfing the web looking for that book you really want to read or even, “I’ll just take a quick peek at Facebook.” Do not do it! That “just five minutes” can easily lead to wasting an hour or more of your time. Check your emails at planned intervals. Schedule both emails and social media into your day. Giving yourself a time limit…and stick to it!

5.     If you are overwhelmed with administrative tasks, hire an assistant. A Virtual Assistant is recommended. Working virtually with an assistant is cost effective,since you don’t need extra office space, you only pay for the time they are working on your task and there are no employee taxes or benefits to pay. Pass off as much work to them as you can. Your time is much better spent drumming up new business and growing the company rather than handling necessay but mundane tasks that could be delegated, such as database input or answering the phones.

By using the tips above you should now be aware of where time wastage is occurring during your day. Focusing positive energies on your home based business, as you would with any other form of employment, is the key to success. Coordinate your downtime so that it leads to positive company growth and minimize time wasting distractions so that your firm can be a resounding success in no time at all.


Christine Myers, Virtual Assistant

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