The Results Revolutionary’s Sizzling Secrets to Get ‘er Done – Part 5

Trish Carr, The Results Revolutionary Trish Carr

The Final Strategy That Guarantees Success

Are you ready for the final sizzling strategy? Do you want to know the guaranteed way, the last secret that will ensure that you accomplish whatever you set out to accomplish? The first 3 strategies of Results Revolutionaries outlined the step by step approach to get in action and stay in action to reach your goals and dreams.  Strategy #4 when consistently applied, will guarantee your success.


Inspect What You Expect

At a recent Womens Prosperity Network workshop, (, one of our guest coaches was multi-million dollar business owner and business builder, Barry Gottlieb who showed us that without consistently measuring success you reduce the likelihood of achieving your intended outcome.  A missile when launched has an intended target. On the path to the target, the missile constantly adjusts its track. The target will surely be missed if these adjustments arent made throughout the journey. The same is true for achieving our goals.

Barry pointed out a startling statistic:

Approximately 80% of all plans fail. Eighty percent.


They don’t fail because the plan was bad or flawed. On the contrary, most plans are well thought out and achievable.

They don’t fail due to a lack of qualified and capable people.

They usually fail because we did not measure the execution of the plan on a consistent basis.

What do I mean by, “measuring the execution of the plan”?

Well, most of us have learned to measure the results of a plan. This usually happens at the end of the time period that the goal was supposed to be completed by; like the end of the month, quarter, or year. Unfortunately, by this time there is little we can do to change the outcome.

Measuring the execution of the plan means that you study the results on a consistent, regular basis. When you do this, you reinforce the objectives. You make sure that the activities are consistent with the plan, and you have the ability make adjustments to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Barry shared this example of what measuring the execution looks like:

If my goal is for my son to have a neat, clean room at the end of the week with the following objectives:

  • His bed is neatly made
  • His clothes are put in the laundry basket
  • His toys are put away in his toy chest

And if I wait until the end of the week to inspect his room and find that the clothes are left all over the room, his toys are everywhere, and his bed is a mess; there is very little I can do to change the outcome.

On the other hand, I could’ve measured the execution of the plan daily, perhaps by simply making a chart. The chart might have the three objectives listed down the left side and the days of the week listed in columns to the right. I migh’tve placed a gold star or check mark for each objective that was successfully accomplished each day. Chances are, by the end of the week we’ve achieved our goals. I would also be practicing the number one rule for achieving positive results: Inspect What You Expect.

Its easy to do when were working toward helping someone else, its not as easy when were measuring our own success. When I was getting rid of weight, I kept a spreadsheet that measured my success weekly. If I didn’t reach my goal, I looked at what I did every day and made adjustments.

Put a plan into place so you can measure your success. If you see youre not completing all the activities you wanted to, go back and review the what happened? Figure out where you went off track and make adjustments.

When you consistently measure the execution of a plan you will be able to analyze your action steps, and if they are not producing the results you desire; you can modify them or change them immediately.

Thanks to my mentor, Barry Gottlieb for teaching me this important strategy. Successful people know that the best learning comes from people who are already where you want to be and beyond. Thats why attending events, hearing from accomplished experts and masterminding with others is such an important part of your success process.  At the upcoming 5th Annual Prosperity Un-Conference, ( you will mastermind with and learn from coaches and mentors who have achieved great success and who will work with you to achieve yours.

I invite you to apply these 4 Strategies of Results Revolutionaries and start the Revolution in your life today by being a part of the 5th Annual Prosperity Un-Conference. For details and registration go to: http://or call Susan now at 954-370-1176 or drop an email to for more info.

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1. Get clear on your priorities

2. Identify the 2-4 actions you can take that will move you forward

3. Schedule those 2-4 actions in the first part of your day in REAL TIME

STRATEGY #3:  Execute the Plan



1. Pick a Date

2. Tell an accountability partner

3. Tell Everyone

STRATEGY #4: Measure Your Success

Inspect What You Expect. (see above)

TRISH CARR, a/k/a The Results Revolutionary, is a dynamic International Speaker and executive business & leadership consultant with more than 25 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Peak Performance Training.  She supports individuals and business leaders in achieving personal and professional success. Trish is co-founder of WPN Global and the Women’s Prosperity Network (, a trusted network of professionals dedicated to inspiring and educating women and men, empowering them, both online and offline, with the resources, tools, skills, and motivation to achieve their goals and dreams.


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