The Results Revolutionary’s Sizzling Secrets to Get ‘er Done – Part 4

Trish Carr

The Critical Factor 

You’ve got a goal, you’ve made a plan, you chunked it down into manageable pieces, put it on your calendar, and now its time to move on to the next logical step:

STRATEGY #3  Execute the Plan

This, my friends is where most of us fall short. We make a plan and then life gets in the way. Here are 3 quick tips to getting into action:

1. Pick a Date

Its much easier for most of us to complete something when we have a deadline. If the birthday party is Saturday, I’ll buy the present in time. So for me to complete a task that takes me being proactive, like writing a book, creating a new product, developing a new training program, I have to create a sense of urgency. So I pick an end date and work toward that. Want to take the sense of urgency up a notch? Then after you pick a date:

2. Tell an Accountability Partner

Tell your By Date to your coach, a trusted friend, to someone who will help you stay accountable. When you tell someone else it often makes it more likely you’ll do it. And the best way to get it done is to:

3. Tell Everyone

The more people you tell, the more accountable youll be. Its just the way we are. We want to look good to others and keep our promise. Funny but true that most of us find it easier to keep our promises to other people than promises to ourselves!

So whether you want to create a new product, publish a book, deliver a new tele-class, hire a new assistant, update your website, whatever it is, pick a date and announce it even before you have the details figured out. Youll get it done in time wont you? Take the leap.

This is what happened for my friend, Charlie. He wanted to start a non-profit in honor of his wife, who died of cancer. Every time I saw Charlie he was working on it. Finally I asked, When are you going to have the kick-off event? Once he got that on the calendar and sent out the first email announcing it, the wheels were in motion to meet that date. Today, 2 years later, Jolies Place is making a huge difference for cancer patients, care-givers and their families.

In the next installment we’ll move on to the final strategy of Results Revolutionaries, the one strategy that truly ensures success. So be sure to check in next time.

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In the meantime, put into action what we’ve talked about so far:

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Until then, be sure to get your FREE tips, tools & resources to take your life to the next level at:  Till next time…

TRISH CARR, a/k/a The Results Revolutionary, is a dynamic International Speaker and executive business & leadership consultant with more than 25 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Peak Performance Training.  She supports individuals and business leaders in achieving personal and professional success. Trish is co-founder of WPN Global and the Women’s Prosperity Network (, a trusted network of professionals dedicated to inspiring and educating women and men, empowering them, both online and offline, with the resources, tools, skills, and motivation to achieve their goals and dreams.


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