The Results Revolutionary’s Sizzling Secrets to Get ‘er Done – Part 1:

Trish Carr by Trish Carr

How Do I Get it All Done?!

How can I get more done? How can I balance it all? How can I accomplish more in less time? Those are the questions my clients ask most often. And I can relate. I bet you can too.

Have you have felt like no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you do, youll never catch up? When you stop to take a look at whats happening in your life, do you feel like youre the captain of a strong, powerful & graceful ship, or do you feel like a deck hand at the mercy of the waves and the weather, holding on and arranging things just enough to keep them from falling down and breaking?  I’ve felt that way many times.

It’s at these times I pull myself up, grab myself by the shoulders and ask,

Are you running your life or are circumstances running it for you?

Do you decide how your life is going to go today, or does what you want to get done end up on tomorrows to do list AGAIN?

Are you spending more time on other peoples projects and priorities than on your own?

I’m happy to say that most times I quickly get back on track by executing a few simple strategies. These strategies help me make forward progress, to finish what I start, and to actually complete projects and achieve goals.

If you want to be captain of your ship, if you want to accomplish what you set out to accomplish  if its finally time for you to put YOU first, then come with me over the next few weeks as I share time-busting strategies of Results Revolutionaries.

Strategy #1 starts us with the big picture.'Sikorsky76 Helicopter NHHS Photo' photo (c) 2011, SDASM Archives - license:


Regularly take a helicopter ride.

Take a moment and find out how a helicopter ride can change your perspective in ways you never realized. CLICK HERE:

And stay tuned for the 2nd strategy of Results Revolutionaries: Creating a Time Management Strategy That Really Works! Until then, remember that every day is a day for a Revolution in your life. Start now!


TRISH CARR, a/k/a The Results Revolutionary, is a dynamic International Speaker and executive business & leadership consultant with more than 25 years experience in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Peak Performance Training.  She supports individuals and business leaders in achieving personal and professional success. Trish is co-founder of WPN Global and the Womens Prosperity Network (, a trusted network of professionals dedicated to inspiring and educating women and men, empowering them, both online and offline, with the resources, tools, skills, and motivation to achieve their goals and dreams. Be sure to get your FREE article on how to create Revolutionary Sales Presentations, The 3 Ps of Powerful Presentations, at

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