Taking Social Media in the Right Direction in 2012

The Future

As the year draws to a close I have begun my planning for 2012 and have turned my focus towards next year’s social media trends. We have most definitely seen a shift in social media usage by businesses this year as more have been persuaded to jump on the social media bandwagon, however there are still too many that really do not understand how to ‘do’ social media. What holds most people back when it comes to marketing on the social network channels are fear and not knowing where or how to start. My mission is to simplify social media so that it will work for you, and trust me there is no need to be scared, just do it!

I have witnessed several businesses experiment with different social platforms, listen and watch what others are doing, and have even taken a few risks but did not attain the results they had expected. I assure you social media works, it does take time but there are businesses every day achieving success.

Three trends for social media in 2012 that I believe are going to be catalysts for the growth of businesses that use social media are; Education and training, Integration of offline/online media, and Facebook as a leading advertising vehicle.

Education and Training 2012 will be the year that companies realize to be the leader in their industry they are going to have to embrace social media and learn to take it more seriously, possibly even seek outside consultation and guidance. Training the full staff will ensure your company is fluent in social media and will be at a competitive advantage. Discovering how to tap into the social media platforms, understanding there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution and learning how to ‘engage’ with the customer will grow your business.

Integration of Offline/Online Media This year brought the introduction of the QR code (bar code) which has made print marketing interactive, but there will be an even greater shift towards the integration of all marketing in 2012; Print to Social, Radio to Social, TV to Social, Email to Social, 1 on 1 Networking to Social, Mobile to Social and Social to Social. Social Media will be an extension of all your marketing efforts and will attract prospects to your business that will get involved with your Brand.

Facebook as a Leading Advertising Vehicle Facebook has rapidly grown into the largest website in the world with 8 million active users. During the coming year social networking is going to be more about business marketing. With the maturation of monthly visitors to corporate Facebook pages vs. website visitors we will see more companies advertising on Facebook, experience a positive outcome and become more confident with using social media to market their business.

If you have a business it is no longer a question of whether or not you need to be involved in social media and those companies that learn how to master the power of social media in 2012 will end up as winners, it is said the ROI of social media is whether or not you will be in business in 5 years, so don’t get left behind!

To Your Social Media Success!

Cheri Martin
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