Strategy for Organizing Your Office

Messy DeskAre you feeling stressed at work?  Always running late?  Finding it difficult to prioritize, and make the right decisions?  Plan ahead, or meet deadlines? Are you overwhelmed with the piles of paper, and clutter around you?  Having difficulties filling and retrieving important documents?

Maybe it’s time to acquire new Organizing habits!

The following Organizing Strategy will help you reduce clutter, save money through efficiency, increase productivity, and creativity, reduce stress, and regain order and control over your space and life.

Assess your situation:  Identify your big picture. Evaluate the quality and quantity of the things occupying your space. What do you have? What do you want? What do you need?

Create a plan of actionDefine your goals. Where are you going? When you are going? How you will get there? Once you have decided to move forward, break down the project into smaller, more manageable tasks. Focus on one small area, one pile at a time.

Take action:   To get the organizing project done, follow this simple steps:

Sort paper (or any item) into two groups: To keep are those things that require an action, like to file, to answer, to read, and Not for me, are those things considered trash, to recycle, to shred, or to donate.

Assign a Home:  Give every paper or item a home. Keep it simple and consistent.

Contain:  Determine appropriate storage, shelving, and containers for those papers or items. Go for uniformity, function, and practicality.

Maintain: Consider easy retrieval and placement of items in the designated space after use.

Tune-up:  Make adjustments to keep up with your changing needs.


Ximena Lopez , Professional Organizer, and owner of Zensible Organizing, LLC, is a member of the National Association Of Professional Organizers, and its South Florida Chapter. Her passion is to help people organize their spaces, to create more orderly and pleasant environments, and enrich their personal, and professional lives through organization.

You can reach Ximena by Phone:  954 881 3046  Email:  Website:


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