How to Create Buzz For Your Business


How to Create Buzz for Your Business

Do you want to bring a lot of customers to your business without spending a lot of money on marketing?

You can, by creating a buzz. Instead of spending money, you use word of mouth, which will generate awareness without costing you a dime.

Here a few ways to accomplish this:

1.       Invite someone famous to one of your events.

Getting a big –name person (celebrity) to interview you can generate a lot of buzz.  Attend networking events in your field, meet well-known people and ask them if they would like to be interviewed.   The Learning Annex used this to their advantage. They were earning less than $1M/annually until Donald Trump spoke.  The founder of this company put down his company as collateral to get Trump to speak at one of their events.   The results were outstanding.   Ten thousand people attended this event. Five times the usual number. Now they draw millions of attendees every year.

2.       Appear on a radio program.

You should pick a trending or “hot button” topic or a stance and market yourself to the hosts. Place an ad in a trade publication (RTIR- Radio Television Interview Report), the primary source where hosts go to select guests (or “experts”).  Call the stations in your local area and ask for an interview on their show on whatever topic you select.  Make sure to put your own spin on, if it becomes spicy, the better for you and your business.

3.       Throw an event or party of some kind.

A CEO of a small company, in Silicon Valley, CA, who knows all of the affluent people in the area, most of them millionaires, even though he himself is not, does just this. Twice a year, he invites all of the big names in the Valley to a party held on his boat.  Even though he is not a big name, he draws a lot of buzz for his company and expands his network, based just on organizing a party.

These are just a few of the ways to create that buzz.  How can you do that for your business? Can you throw a big event that will create a buzz? You could be like Google and invite famous bands to play for your company, or you can just use your imagination and creativity without spending money.

It takes creativity, and it requires a willingness to work at making yourself known. Create a list of ideas and go with the boldest ones. These generally will bring the most success for you.

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