How Google Hangouts can help your Business

google hangout blog pictureBusinesses today have many forms of technology available at their disposal and one of the biggest is video technology.  It is a way to connect with people by teaching and creating communities.  It can also make Coaching, Service based and e-Commerce businesses more successful and profitable.  There are many providers of this technology but by far, Google Hangouts offers the most features and services.

Today’s post begins a 3 part series on this form of video technology.  I will begin with a brief introduction of what Google Hangouts are and how they can help your business. In the 2nd and 3rd parts of the series, I will explain how coaches, service providers and e-commerce businesses can use it to improve their businesses and how to set them up.

Google Hangouts are a free video chat service that allows for both one-to-one and group chats up to 10 people.  One of the unique features of this service is the ability to switch between group members so as to focus on the person who is speaking.  They can be accessed from any computer or mobile device, including Android© and iOS©.  You can also share documents, YouTube™ videos and record chats to be made available to anyone online.  In addition, you can sync across multiple devices and make calls using Google Voice (a separate feature) which allows you to use both video and voice calling.

There are two basic types of Hangouts: Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA).

  • Regular Hangouts are used by people (up to 10 maximum) who have been invited.
  • HOA can bey viewed by everyone on YouTube. You can also upload a link to post on all of your social media profiles, blogs and website.

I will now delve into how these are used for 3 different types of businesses and the benefits you can receive.

  1. Coaching businesses are built on billable time.  The more clients you have, the greater the profit.  Google Hangouts can increase trust and likeability as well as credibility through face-face contact. If you have a product to offer, such as coaching sessions, customers can sign up using Hangouts.
  2. Service providers  can apply this to marketing.
  3. Ecommerce businesses can apply this to their contact marketing in varied ways such as product launches, troubleshooting tips and customer service.

Examples of companies who have used these are Dell™ to manage customer service and for technical errors with a product and a beauty company which held classes prior to launching a new product where they showed viewers how to use the product along with giving tips.

Businesses always ask “what is the value to my customers?  You want to be able to make sure that whatever content you provide in a hangout can answer that question.

Implementing Google hangouts along with email marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO can help your business soar to new heights.

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