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Considering just how many blogs already exist online, it is easy to see how your own words can get lost among the millions of writers hoping for readers. However, when you use the appropriate resources, you can make sure that your voice is heard in the wilderness. Read into the following paragraphs for plugins you can use to make your blog shine in the darkness.
The first free plugin you want to consider using is Active Share by OrangeSoda. It places a little slider on your blog posts inviting users to share them. When lightning strikes and you come up with a really great blog post, others are likely to spread the word. This gets both attention to more readers, as well as backlinks that help your search engine listings.
A paid plugin you might want to think about is List Eruption, which comes in either single or multiple licenses. This piece of software takes your current subscriber and opt-in lists and uses them to generate email lists that are double to triple the size of your current list, allowing you to reach far more individuals who should be interested in what you have to say.
Google XML Sitemaps is a really good plugin for creating a sitemap that Google crawlers can easily find and use. When you do this, all of your blog pages are far more likely to be indexed and placed within the possible search results of Google.
WordPress Editorial Calendar is an effective time management and planning tool. Using this can help you map out your future posts, as well as organize what they will be about and go up.
Headspace2 SEO is useful for your search engine optimization efforts. While Google XML Sitemaps will help you get indexed, this plug in helps you manage your keywords and meta content to rank higher within the indexed rankings.
Broken Link Checker is a plugin that constantly monitors not just your blog entries for broken links, but also for missing videos and images, which might get taken down after you link to them. It can even prevent search engines from following broken links even down to ones in comments. Search engines like healthy active and relevant links, so broken links do not just look bad to readers, but hurt your rankings too.
Ideally, just writing intriguing content worth reading and posting it regularly would prove more than enough to draw in and keep readers. In truth, you are blogging in an online world with millions of other writers. So, you need to make use of every potential tool and trick you can to make your blog popular. Six such tools were covered in this article.

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