Effective Copywriting Strategies

Effective Copywriting Strategies

Writing powerful, effective copy means being able to understand triggering just the right emotions to induce someone into a purchase of your product. Although traditional formulas like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) can help with the process, what makes the difference is learning to write emotionally to the prospect, rather than just logically.

Here are three effective strategies to help you learn to trigger the right emotions in your readers.

  1. Relate to the Problem.  In order to really know a potential client’s needs, it is essential to make them know you understand their pain.  Maybe you need to give a personal example of what happened in your life to better get them to understand it. You need to give as much detail as possible, with as much emotion as possible. Showing as much empathy as possible, builds a level of trust in them and increases the desire to solve whatever it is.
  2. Pile on Proof.  This is what actually sparks the imagination of your customers.  Giving facts about something (for example,a weight-loss program) with links to the research , as well as testimonials, will get your prospects to become more willing to buy the product.  You need to back up your words with as much proof as possible, so your customers can’t refute you. When this happens, you have turned a prospect into a customer.
  3. Master Urgency Techniques.  “The Call To Action” (CTA) is one of the most important aspects of your copy, turning your prospects into customers.   How do you make your CTA stand out? Urgency is the final way to trigger emotions.  You have to stress the importance of them following up right now.   Two powerful ways to do this are the time-sensitive offer (order by midnight tonight before the price goes up) and the limited-time offer ( There are only a few of these left, when they sell out, they will never be offered again).   If someone ends up making a purchase, then your job has been done.  These techniques are known to bring high conversion rates.

These are just 3 of the most effective used over decades.   Relate to your customers on an emotional level, make sure to back it up with proof and instill that sense of “buy-now” urgency.





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