fallen treeYou’ve got some really smart things to say. You make sure that you understand your niche and keep on top of any developments. You’ve got a position of intelligence whenever a new story breaks related to your niche and people really want to listen to you. Do you like communicating with others? What method do you use – do you pick up the phone, do you send an e-mail or do you understand the value of leveraging? You really have to understand leveraging if you’re going to become successful at any online initiative.

Many people are active online and in truth many people have good things to say, but nobody can hear them. You know what they say, ” if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it”…  (the original quote used “forest”)

Whenever you create content that is share worthy, how are you going to share it? The success of your article or post will be dictated by how many people get to read it, as this is the only way to get people to take action in one way or another . The Internet is a marvelous place and we know how liberating the social media era has become. People love to share as part of their thirst for information and if they come across something that they really believe in they will go out of their way to make sure that others are made aware of the discovery.

You’ve got to set up your blog correctly. You need to have a way for people to share your content. There’s nothing worse than coming across a great quality article or blog post only to find that there’s no “easy” way to share it. Of course you can cut and paste and then go over to your Facebook account and post it on your wall, for example. Don’t put obstacles in front of people and understand that the easier you make it to share your content, the more likely your content is going to be circulated and could possibly even become viral.

Configuring your blog so that it links to social media outlets that are prominent and optimized correctly is part of the challenge facing any online entrepreneur at this time. There are a number of different ways to both approach and  configure your blog so that it’s automatically linked to your social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The Internet is nothing if not social and you have to take full advantage of this. There are two fundamental challenges facing you. First, you’ve got to create epic content with flair and second you have got to make sure that it’s distributed, is seen by those who matter and becomes part of your overall marketing approach.

A virtual assistant knows exactly how important content sharing should be and can help you to configure your websites and blogs so that your content becomes visible and accessible. Don’t leave it to chance. It would, after all, be a crying shame if your thought-provoking content simply fades away.  If you would like help with configuring your blog click to schedule a free consultation.


Why is it that in a world which is absolutely jam-packed with news, information and data that we often struggle to come up with content to place on our blogs these days? It can’t simply be the old excuse that we have writer’s block, but it may be a symptom of a problem that is inherent in the blogosphere. Many people believe that the content that they use in their blogs has to be original and exclusive and woe to those should they make reference to anybody else’s products, information, opinions or even blog posts!

Let’s think about latest developments in the online world for a minute or two. A lot of publicity has been given to Google’s latest algorithmic changes, where websites that had previously been seen as dominant in their respective niches suddenly fell into obscurity. Experts in the world of search engine optimization reckon that Google is now putting even more focus on pages that are “with it.” In other words, content has to be not only relevant, but up-to-date, current and in touch with trends and cultures.

Think about the niche that you’re in. If you’ve done any research whatsoever you should have a good idea of who your competitors are and how good they are at publicizing themselves online. You should have a plan. This plan should be to ensure that you are seen as the expert in this niche, even though you understand that this is not likely to happen overnight. Now, how are you going to become an expert in that niche? Quite simply, you need to make sure that you keep on top of all developments, no matter how they affect your solutions, products, services or the people who you are trying to attract as customers.

In order to keep on top of all these developments and to have a good source for content creation in the future, you may want to subscribe to as many RSS feeds related to those who are influencers  in your niche as possible. Keep on top of the news, as soon as it breaks. Be ready to take action to formulate and promote your own position in relation to any news or pertinent information.

You may find that it’s a good idea to focus on blog posts that are not necessarily representative of original thought processes. Short blog posts could reference a breaking news story with your own  opinion or advice.

Work with a virtual assistant to develop streams of information and breaking news related to all your various keywords. Your virtual assistant will be able to come up with a master plan to create your position and to publicize it as part of your overall plan to become recognized as the ultimate expert in your niche.

Never leave any of this to chance and make sure that you consistently follow the plan which you and your virtual assistant have set up. Remember, this is not something that can happen overnight, but is something that can increase  momentum gradually to give you a massive amount of credibility.

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