Are You Maintaining Customer Loyalty?

Are you maintaining customer loyalty

Customers are the lifeblood of any business and the lifeline to its success, reputation and most importantly, its bottom line. Customer retention and loyalty are important. The process of learning how to retain customers is hard work. However, it is actually easier to keep a customer than to always be seeking new ones. During the life of your business, you will most likely lose some customers. While it’s necessary to gain new customers, concentrating on retaining a current customer is most vital to your reputation, and your bottom line. Here are 4 tips that can help:

1.  Give 110% to Every Customer.

Promotions are one popular way to promote loyalty, as long as they are related to your business, with a goal of retention and getting new leads.

Loyalty programs are a popular option to reward your repeat customers. Offer an incentive like a special discount for a product or a free bonus when your customer buys an item as a way of adding value.    Customers like to be remembered on special days like birthdays and holidays, so sending gifts, birthday or other holiday cards are also great ways to show your appreciation and thanks to them.

 2.  Offer Opportunities for Feedback.

Sending out surveys, or emails asking for opinions about your business, (what they like…don’t like,) can help you better market to your current customers. You always need to listen with an open mind and be aware of their wants and desires. They may let you know of an issue you were not aware of. Because you listened to them, you are now able to correct it, which can reinforce their trust in you.

3.  Do you Have a Brick and Mortar Business?

You should have your employees put themselves in the customers’ shoes, and treat the customers, as they themselves would expect to be treated – with value and respect. Rewarding your employees with incentives like “Employee of the Month” will help them strive to show more interest in giving good customer service. In addition, they should always offer a personal touch by using the customer’s name in all interactions. It is also your responsibility to train them properly, by whatever method works best for them, whether it be visual, auditory, written out, or even by “shadowing” another employee.

4.  Settle Disputes in a Timely Manner.

How you handle a customer issue, may determine whether you lose or retain them. You should always listen to the customer tell his story before you come to a conclusion. Most often, being able to appease your customer with a professional and positive attitude will have them happy to remain loyal to you.

The more passive you are, about customer loyalty, the greater your attrition rate. Those businesses that actively engage with their customers and can make them happy are well on their way to the ultimate goal: greater loyalty. This will keep your customers coming back for more.








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