7 Tips For Effectively Using Keywords In Your Article Marketing Campaigns

'Keyword Visualisation - Lone Gunman' photo (c) 2009, Lloyd Morgan - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/If you believe that simply tossing a few keywords into your articles will help it do well in your online article marketing campaigns, you’re mistaken. It’s very important to use the right keywords and to use them correctly to get high search engine rankings and to attract and appeal to your target audience. Here are seven great tips to help you create articles that will attract just the right kind of attention!

1. Be sure to do good research. Your article should be based in verifiable fact and provide true value to your readers.

2. Start with a good list of keywords. Once you have determined your topic, do a keyword search using a free program such as Google AdSense Free Keyword Tool.

3. Choose keywords that are highly sought yet have medium competition. Use the top keywords in your first and last sentences.

4. Use no more than one second tier key word per paragraph throughout your article. A second tier keyword is a similar name for the original or main keyword, adding a descriptive adjective. For example, “easy article marketing.”

5. Be sure to use your keywords in your graphics, as well as in your captions and your file name.

6. Remember to include keywords within your anchor text. This is the text that is hyperlinked and commonly consists of keywords. It is easy to recognize anchor text because it is the text that is underlined and presented in blue.

7. Make use of related Plug-ins for your article. Plug-ins consist of a collection of software components that allow specified abilities in larger software applications. Supported Plug-ins allow customization of an application’s functionality. Web browsers make use of Plug-ins for the display of new file types, to scan for malicious viruses and to play video. Some of the more popular plug-ins include Microsoft Silverlight, QuickTime, and Adobe flash player.

Proper use of keywords increases your search engine optimization quality. This boosts your traffic and leads to greater profits. By following the seven tips included here, you’ll be able to present keywords specific articles that will make your article marketing campaign a resounding success.

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