5 Do’s of Marketing Copywriting

No matter the country (or the language written in), marketing copy is written to sell, therefore there are certain standards that are universal to copywriting, whether online or off.  Internet copywriting also has its own unique requirements as well.

Here are 5 important “dos” for online copywriting:

  1. Include relevant information.  Valuable information will attract the reader’s attention to your sales page or website.  Your intent is to entice a reader to purchase something, but you have to make it relevant to them.  You can do it by either writing articles that describe a product as well as ways it can be used for a tangible item, or supplemental snippets for product information on a sales page.
  2. Write in first person language.  Personalize it so your readers can see the human side and it will make them more comfortable.  If necessary, you can pretend as if you are selling it to a member of your family.
  3. Use action words and phrases.  Your call to action should be one that makes your customer want to purchase the item.  An example would be “Click Now! Get your free gift as a thank you.”
  4. Include testimonials.  Readers who see real-life people who have used the product and benefitted from it will be more enticed to purchase the item.  It is best to get people who are high-profile leaders or experts in your field.  Always obtain permission beforehand if you choose to use their actual name.  If you don’t have any evidence from people, ask them for elaboration on what benefits they received.
  5. Use keywords.  Proper use will increase your SEO rankings, which is one of your goals.   The higher your rank, the better it is for you and it can avoid the use of PPC campaigns. If your page is done properly, chances are you will get a lot more visitors, hopefully resulting in more customers.

Successful marketing copywriting involves getting readers, keeping their interest level high and enticing them to buy.  If you use these 5 Do’s of Marketing Copywriting, it will ensure more visitors that will become more customers.


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