5 Don’ts of Internet Copywriting

Marketing CopywritingJust as there are certain things you should incorporate into internet copywriting, there are also things that should be avoided, as they can be deal-breakers for your customers.

Here are 5 don’ts to be aware of:

1. Don’t focus on features. Highlight the benefits of your product. Your customers are more concerned with what the product does or how it helps them, not its features. A good description of the benefits of the product will create a sense of urgency and (hopefully) result in a sale. For example, you are marketing task management software to your customers. Rather than stating, this program is better than comparable programs, give a reason how it will benefit them (“This program allows you to see and track all of your teams activity in one place as well as reducing the number of emails sent.”)

2. Don’t use jargon.  Presumably, your customers don’t know anything about whatever you are selling, so you need to speak as if you were a customer. In addition, you need to use action words to really make your customers have the sense of urgency and buy your product, not confuse them and drive them away.

3. Don’t go off topic.  Focus on whatever the subject is with as little deviation as possible. It is all right to add your personal experience as long as it doesn’t deviate from the topic. Your readers will lose interest and you will lose sales.

4. Don’t be vague.  Your readers are more attentive to details from actual customers as well as statistics. Testimonials are a great way to increase your sales since actual customers are telling people why or how they benefitted from the product, which can drive your sales.  Example, our productivity improved as a result of this program which is not nearly as powerful as “Our productivity increased by 50% over last month.

5. Don’t go overboard with the verb “to be”. These are not action words, so the reader would most likely not be attentive and most likely stop reading.  You should find different, more powerful words to express what you are trying to say, without diluting the meaning. For example, instead of saying, “This system is the best in its class”; rephrase it to say, “This system has resulted in higher productivity for those who use it.” Make sure to back it up with evidence.

The purpose of copywriting is to sell something. Those who are successful will engage the customer, grasp their attention and create a need for that product. Those who are dull and boring will cause readers to go elsewhere. Remembering this will help you make the sale.


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