# 1 Branding Tip for Extraordinary Results

AmondaRose Igoe, Coach, Speaker, AuthorAn EXTRAORDINARY brand is the foundation of an Extraordinary business.

If no one knows who you are, if your client reach isn’t big enough or you just want to expand your vision to increase your income than remember,
From your personality, to your skill, to the product(s) and/or services(s) you offer, always think MEMORABLE!

To help you get started moving in the right and perfect directions, I wanted to share with you the first 4 steps in my branding checklist which is about defining and capturing the unique character of your business. Once you know that, you can start to fine tune your brand and use it promote it effectively and consistently.

As a Speaker and/or Business Owner, you need to define your brand by asking yourself these questions. Remember, to be honest with yourself. If you don’t know the answer than you may want to hire a coach to help you clarify your message.

# 1 – What about you and your message makes your unique? As a speaker you have to be willing to stand out and let you truly shine. We all have something unique about us. How can you bring that out in a bigger way and share with more people?
# 2 – What is your clear niche market and/or area of expertise? The first thing you want to do is to define your focus by looking at the type of clients you work with, why they need your services and why do they purchase your products and/or services.
# 3 – What’s your company’s personality? Create a list of words that describe your company such as committed, reliable, high value, expertise, authentic and fun for example. Your company personality should be found in every marketing piece, your website to your live presentations.
# 4 – Who is your ideal customer or target market? Write down a list of your ideal clients and/or target market. Ask yourself these essential questions. Are they male or female? Are they local, national or international? What age group are they? Would they be considered low income, middle income or high income? Where do they live? Are they wealthy? Old Navy®, Gap® and Banana Republic® are three brands owned by the same company to reach different target markets. Do you know that Marshalls, Home Goods and TJMaxx are also owned by the same company too?
When you get clear on your brand you potential clients will have a clear understand of why they need you. It is time to define your brand, and what makes you STAND OUT FROM THE COMPETITION.

AmondaRose Igoe, the 6-Figure Speaking Goddess, has dedicated her life to helping business owners, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders utilize the power of speaking to create more money, clients and breakthroughs in their business. As a 6-Figure Speaking Expert, Trainer, and Coach, AmondaRose specializes in helping her clients’ breakthrough their biggest speaking roadblocks while they master speaking so they can dramatically increase their results and their income. The power of what AmondaRose teaches has helped her clients from around the globe including Germany, Switzerland, England and Australia. www.highperformancespeaking.com or Call: 800-610-9056

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